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nightmares and such.

It was as though I was watching it happen. I stood there and no one could see me. she searched for him, he was supposed to be there, but he wasn't. I felt what she felt, I couldn't understand why. I knew her somehow, she was all too familiar. She was nervous, which made me nervous. He showed up to her surprise, this made her ecstatic. "Where did you go?" she asked him. "I was looking for you ☺" he replied, "I love you so much." she held him tight so she wouldn't lose sight of him again. She loved him greatly and I felt it too...

..then he disappeard.

She searched for him once more. I still felt what she felt. She felt lost and alone. She walked into a building that was very familiar to her, I followed her, she knew somehow she would find him in there. As I followed her into the building I knew she saw him, the happyness she felt was a feeling so strong, I never knew a feeling like this before. She saw him go behind a wall so she ran twards it hoping to wrap her arms around him again. Visons appeared in my head. The images brought me so much hope of being with this one person forthe rest of my life. Why did I appear in this image? I began to notice her. I knew she looked familiar, I knew her all to well. I looked at her face once more. What I saw I could not believe, It was me.

I got closer to the wall. I turned to the otherside and there he was, but not with me. I saw the look on my face. It was as though I died right then and there. the pain was unbareable. I fell back into my body. I tried to move, it took everything I had in me to make it out of the building. The images in my head before broke into peices, along with my heart. The pain ran through my veins like venom, it poisoned my ability to feel anything other than pain. Tears ran down my cheek, and just as he was chased after me..

I woke up.
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