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IN THE BEGINING... there was god. But you're emo so you don't believe in god. Actually, you do, and thats what/who you blame for all the tourment that has gone on in your life. All the the ridicule, for everyone thinking you're a "freak", For being alive.

You are Isolated, not by choice, but you tell people that you are. You resent the incrowd for never accepting you. You turn the tables around (in your mind) and tell yourself that you do not accept them. You are constantly reminded of how you've been treated, the bad childhood memories keep playing over and over in your head. You want revenge. You are angry. You listen to metal.

A year later, you have it in your head that you are your own person, filled with crazy ideals and anti-capitolism. You start listening to the vandals and the sex pistols. You have rebelled against your parents, smoke pot, and cut your hair into a mohawk, and you accuse society for labeling you as a "PUNK" even though you claim your punk rock status, so why argue? you think you are fighting an important cause, when in reality you're just screaming about nothing that can really be fixed.

6 months later you lose all self respect and confidence because NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK! You feel alone and no one wants to date you because you the smell of going without showering for 6 months still has not worn off. You are depressed but you swear up and down that no one has the same problems you do. You go on medication, pick up an acoustic guitar, and you cry. Everyday you whine, bitch and moan because nothing is perfect, you hate everything, and the only people you can relate to are Conor Oberst, Tim Kasher, Kris Roe and Chris Carrabba (before either of their bands made it big), and of course, Rivers Cuomo. All of a sudden you're wearing vintage shirts that say "JFK highschool reunion", your jeans are tighter, your chuck taylors are cleaner, and you wear thick black framed glasses like the ones your grandpa wore, still wears. It's cool to not be cool and many follow down your path. You don't smoke, drink, or do drugs, because sXe is the new trend. You finally feel like this is you. This is who you are. This makes you cry once more because you still can't get the girl you want and no one understands you. All the HxC kids give you a hard time and they call you LxC. After everything you've changed about yourself, you will forever be the same person. Now you really don't believe in god.

after all that rambling...

give us your emo stories. I won't lie, we'll laugh, but thats what we do. and you can do it TOO!
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