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so growing up, you never quite fit in with the other kids. they liked to tease you, and you had hardly any friends. until one year, you meet this crazy great person, who you get along with and do everything with. everyday you would play together at school, every night you'd talk on the phone. middle school starts, new friends are made but you still find time for each other. but then the calling everyday, turns to calling every week. and then "call me back later". and then during the summer, with no warning whatsoever, they move away and you never see them again.
so you become bitterly lonely once again, only it feels worse this time because now you know what it was like to have a best friend. you start resenting everyone, feeling stabs of jelousy when you see friends together. you start doing weird things for attention. kids start making fun of you again. you meet more friends, but no one is quite the same. one of these new friends had gone on a trip to new york, and discovered "underground" culture. they came to school one day wearing a trench coat, and all of a sudden, the kids leave her alone. this of course is like discovering uranium, so we all dress that way. pretty soon everyday is black lipstick, heavy eyeliner, and spikey jewelry. it's nice to be left alone, but you still dont feel right, like school is just for dress up. then you get kazaa, and discover music. you start listening to everything, and you find bands with people like you in them. you start wearing your sisters old sweaters. mixmatching clothes so you sort of remind yourself of grandma. you discover you need glasses, you find the female version of "buddy holly" glasses. you like to cry yourself to sleep in the dark.

so hello, my name is kelsey.
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